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Open any Magic deck file format 1. MTG Studio support any Magic deck format
2. has the most complete card database ever (over 27 700 cards from all editions)
3. place your deck comments, email address and version info in any of your decks
Extensive Magic deck statistics and analysis 1. Mana Curve shows the cards by turn breakdown
2. all columns can be sorted, reordered, or hidden
3. card are organized by their abilities and mechanics
Deck builder interface allowing simultaneous deck editing of many Magic decks 1. friendly user interface
2. multiple decks can be opened and edited simultaneously
3. user-defined filters for cards over any card characteristic
Many Magic card decks probability, mana curve, legality checks 1. Card Probability - probability analysis by turn
2. the interface is highly customizable
3. all interface changes are remembered during program sessions
All Magic cards ever printed can be sorted and filtered in many ways 1. grouping using multiple columns
2. full support for Windows XP themes
3. toolbars can be customized and rearranged
MTG Studio has mana curves, manalyzer, mana slot analysis and other means to optimize you mana 1. deck breakdown by card color
2. the program is switched to simple user interface
3. all toolbars and the statusbar are hidden

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